Healers – They Come in all Shapes and Sizes.

spiritual signpost, sign, spiritual, There are some ‘Healers’ who walk around in a uniform and we know they will help us – Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons even, for example.  Some walk among us without realising the healing effect they have on everyone they meet.  Some are strangers we will never know, who make a passing comment at a bus stop, but their words stay with us for ever.

We turn to people who love us at times of crisis and they can be very healing. We all try to heal our children from any kind of hurt – indeed there is a book entitled  ‘All Women are Healers ‘ – which I’ll check out for this blog shortly – and there are those who practise in the Art of Healing or Healing Arts, natural medicine and Complementary Therapies, who we automatically expect to have that certain ‘something’ we are, perhaps, lacking elsewhere in our lives or selves.

Yet, in all walks of life there are charlatans, con men and women and scoundrels.  There are terrible journalists, teachers, corrupt policemen and politicians, not to mention ‘partners’ – people we could assume were trustworthy and automatically acting in our best interests, but, who, unfortunately, aren’t.  Even some Doctors and Nurses are better than others.

Sometimes we can be so desperate we can become vulnerable to those few who think nothing of exploiting our innocence and need for help, so we need to be discerning in our choice of confidant.

I’ve met some barking mad Therapists in my time – truly off their rocker and completely mad, masquerading as an authority. I’ve been taken for a ride, taken in and talked rubbish to enough to make me quite cynical about anything to do with ‘Alternative’ stuff.

On the other hand, I’ve met some rather unique individuals whose insights into my soul have left me under no illusion that they are exceptionally gifted.  Many, many therapists from whom I’ve been blessed to have bought treatments have unwittingly convinced me of the power that is within us all to see that little bit further than most of us try to as we hurriedly go about our every day lives.

There are Healers in the blogging world – those who respond to calls of distress – who take that little bit more time (or alot more, Annie Mammasaurus Spratt) to help those who can’t keep up with the others, who see that little bit further and offer that little bit more understanding, without being patronising, harsh or critical, who’ve got that extra vision, who might have found their calling.

Or it’s in the way they write, or what they write and in the laughter they may bring. Consider the throng that came together to support newmumnline’s #Healing4Kerry appeal and the response, trending twice worldwide on Twitter.

For a more conventional approach, it doesn’t matter if it’s a G.P., Reflexology, Shiatsu or Massage, it is the person behind the treatment / therapy that will bring the healing through.  The therapy itself will be an avenue.

We all have our own avenues. Friendship can be an enormously healing two-way one and family can be too.

Healers, they walk among us.  They are us.  And all our avenues / paths can cross at any point with other peoples’ – famously, for ‘a reason, a season or a lifetime!’ We all need to be shown the way sometimes.

Healing comes in all guises and shapes and sizes. It doesn’t need a uniform.

What do you think?