Healing our Children.

Children are awesomely susceptible.   They’re fantastic to work with – open-hearted, open-minded and open energetically.

They all have their ups and downs, like adults do too, emotionally and physically.

The only thing about getting older and having less energy is that we become more ‘blocked.’  We don’t really have less energy at all – it just becomes ‘stuck’ over the years.

Having worked with babies, ladies in their nineties and literally hundreds of people in between I can testify to how energy flow changes.  It becomes less efficient, but it’s still there.

As one clears blocks and stuck ‘stuff,’ the body’s energy works on a basic dam principle – clearing debris and emotions, flushing through toxins, becoming stronger as it gathers momentum.

Children are perfect examples of vitality.  It’s a shame to watch it fade, but if you think of a teenager, many of them lack that then.   Many don’t, also.

Some old people are full of it still.  I guess it’s not only what life deals you, but what you make of it – how you perceive it, how you cope.

One thing is for sure – everyone has a story.

Children live theirs for the day.  They live in the moment.  They are glorious in their full capacity to love, laugh and grasp life, dangerously and fearlessly for now. Later, they will be more wise, throw caution to the wind rarely and so be it.

Those who came to me – brought to me my their parents in my Healing Practice – would generally be doing so as a last resort, but I found them easy to help – so responsive, so quick to look inside to see what was going on, such fun!

There was an adopted trio, once, for example, with a troublesome middle child who had so much energy he basically ruined their family life.  When we ‘tuned in’ to see what was going on – he was very clear about what he could see and was quite disturbed by it.  We shut down his energy wheels (also known as ‘Chakras’) – he described them perfectly to me – like no-one else ever has in all my twenty years, he balanced them himself with breathing – just with a little intuitive guidance from me – yet I was totally led by him – and he sort of re-set them.

There was a vast improvement from then onwards, according their adoptive mum.   Just one more visit followed and, with the tools he needed within himself, plus the confidence to use them, he was much more settled and they were able to go on and lead lives as a normal, happy family unit.

He was eight.   He taught me.

The Loving Parent  writes a wonderful post HERE - do give it a read – about spontaneously ‘doing an accidental meditation’ with her son, Toby, when he complained of stomach cramps.  She just followed her intuition and he responded easily, without the battle of wills that can commonly be the case with grown ups and he said it helped him.   What a truly amazing gift to give him for life and what a brilliantly empowering experience for her!

My children see colours in their minds eyes sometimes.  I encourage them to be quiet and just wait for them (I’ll try anything that’ll keep them still for a while, especially before bed or first thing in the morning!) and, chalk and cheese that they are, they share their different blues, greens, pinks, oranges and silvers, or whatever comes to them at that particular moment, really quite enthusiastically- almost competitively.

The youngest (nearly four) has started to point out ‘spiders’ he can see, which no-one else can and I think they must be energetic clusters of some sort, a bit like invisible ‘cobwebs’ you can sometimes feel and my eldest (almost eight, but co-incidentally – ? –  nearly four at the time) could feel my labour pains approaching the birth of his younger brother.  Poor him!

Or perhaps not?  Is this is something we all have and can we hold onto it, if only we know how to retain that openness?  And is it possible to remain vital / re-gain our vitality?

What’s your story?  What do your children teach you?


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