The Left Brain / Right Brain Business.

The lovely Lorraine who has been blogging for only several months over at Gin & Cornflakes introduces the left / right brain discussion here.
It’s scientifically proven that certain areas of our brains relate to our different types of thoughts and emotions. Simply put, the left side is more academic, the right is more creative. Do we all have particular ‘leanings’ one way or another, or, seeing as most of us are blessed with both sides of one, can we become better fulfilled by exercising more of it?

Lorraine works in the City, and lives in Surrey with her husband and one year old daughter. She says she doesn’t have the time or energy to want it all, she just wants a bit of everything. So, as well as her day job, she is also a Reflexologist.  Reflexology is one of the Holistic Therapies . It’s thousands of years old and is increasingly being integrated into mainstream medical practice. It is used in hospitals and care homes up and down the country as the benefits generated become more widely accepted, but the general public have happily been putting their money where their mouths are for it since before it was de rigeur to do so.

It works on the principles that the feet and hands are like maps of the body, with certain points on them corresponding with specific parts of the body. It can be very powerful in the right hands and I have sometimes been intuitively drawn to work on a reflex point on someone’s foot when they’ve had an injury too painful to work on directly.

A mild application of pressure all over the feet can be very healing indeed. Here, Lorraine examines why she became a Reflexologist and explains why she believes we all might live dual lives without really knowing it.
left right brain


”I have a split personality. Not like Eric and Bananaman. But by day I work in London town. By night (well, evenings and weekends) I am a Reflexologist.

I may have let that side of me slip recently, but it is a side that has been reignited since stumbling upon Anya’s blog. She found healing when there was a lot just ‘not right’ in her life. The same way I found Reflexology. She left a six figure salary in the City to pursue a healing career. I didn’t quite leave that much ;o), but through studying a complimentary therapy I found the space to find ‘me’. Priceless. And through finding ‘me’ I had the clarity to leave one career and embark on a slightly different one. One that I really enjoy, that stimulates me intellectually but that allows me more time to myself to find my balance. And, importantly, more time to practice Reflexology to help others find theirs. My own blog claims that I don’t want it all, I just want a bit of everything. And I think it is that ‘bit of everything’ that provides the balance in my life. I imagine it is the same for all of us, if we were to have time to think about it…

However, one question I haven’t asked myself until now is WHY I want a bit of everything. Why did I want a demanding City career, but also want to immerse myself in complimentary therapies and more ‘mindful’ pursuits? I thought that we were all meant to be one thing or the other, that we were meant to be left-brain or right-brain dominant. It is said that being right-brained means that you are more intuitive, thoughtful and subjective. Being left-brained is said to be more logical, analytical and objective. However, I think we are all a bit of, well, all of that.

Let us take something a lot of women have in common – being a Mum. As a Mum you are expected to be loving and kind, knowing by instinct what your child wants or needs. However, you also have to plan your days to the final degree so that all feeds are fitted in before bedtime, and so that the toddler has time to nap before a tantrum. This involves a huge amount of analysis and logic. And what about way back before babies? What did you do with all that spare time? Sport maybe. A film. Some shopping… These activities involve left brain analysis: which shoes to buy (!); the complex themes of the film plot; the opposition’s centre forward’s tactics. But you were probably still right brained – you were someone’s daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend – being which involved compassion and at least an element of thoughtfulness.

So, thinking about it, I wonder if there really is any substance to the argument that people are dominant on one side of their brain or the other. Life, and especially being a Mum, can leave you more imbalanced that a one sided see-saw, and I wonder if we are actually doing our brains a disservice by suggesting that one side of the brain is more dominant than the other. Maybe it is more clever than that and we are programmed to seek out interests and activities to balance each side of our personalities and roles in life. Maybe we are all meant to be a bit of everything in our own way.”

What do you think?